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Social Research Methods – Research Methods for Social Sciences

 “Research is to everybody else can see but nobody else has thought”.

Research methods are the cornerstone of any research, thesis or dissertation which students of graduate, undergraduate science, social science and business courses will be required to know. Social research methods are research methods used for conducting social research for disciplines like psychology, sociology, social work, and other social sciences. These social research methods are as follows:

Experimental Research Methods

Experimental research is research in which the research conducts specific experiments by using and manipulating variables under controlled situations and circumstances. Variables can be dependant or independent. Experimental research methods are commonly used in scientific domains for comprehending laws by determining their cause and effect relationships.

Co-relational Research Methods

Co-relational research refers to research which is descriptive and not based in experiments. Researchers use statistics and mathematical tools and techniques for analyzing data and information. Co-relational research is popularly used for measuring and analyzing behavior.

Naturalistic Observation Research Method

Naturalistic observation research methods are commonly used for non-experimental research, and for studying real life settings. Observation is the main foundation of this research in which the researcher can observe and study any form of behavior or theme occurring in a natural setting. In Observational research, the researcher does not disturb the subjects in any way and record activities casually. The main essence of observational research methods is the ability of researchers to observe behavior in natural rather than artificial settings. 

Survey Research Method

The survey method is also a descriptive form of research which is not based on experiments or direct observations. In the survey method, researchers collect data with the help of surveys such as interviews and questionnaires. Questions can be forced-choice with True or False as answers or Open-Ended questions in which subjects are required to provide short answers. The survey research method is particularly useful for researchers who are required to study the behavior of large number of subjects.

Case Study Research Method

Case study research method is a non-experimental form of research, descriptive in nature. The research records observations for collecting and examining them to gauge the experiences and behaviours of a certain sample or a particular theme. Case study research methods are also used for studying medical histories and other psychological tests.   

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