Writing an article - where do you start???
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We've all done it. We have an article, essay, report or any other form of communication to write, but we sit there staring at a piece of paper or a blank screen, wondering how to begin. Alternatively we get started, complete a couple of paragraphs and then something happens to distract us; our car insurance is due (cheap women's car insurance site womenscheapcarinsurance.org.uk is the ideal answer!), a colleague needs information, a meal or coffee break, a ringing telephone etc and our concentration has gone right out through the window. There has to be a better way!
Getting Help
One way of course is to use a professional article writing service. A good service should have a large panel of writers who are able to create articles on just about any kind of subject. They may be specialists in your particular subject, or people who are sufficiently experienced and intelligence to be able to carry out all the necessary research for an accurate and authoritative piece. Typically these authors are paid either by the word or by the completed job; and there are usually different levels of expertise available, which could give you the choice of a cheap and simple creation, or a more advanced one at a correspondingly higher price. You are usually able to specify the turnaround time, which is typically from just one single day, although they can often be available much more quickly than this, particularly at weekends when there are more authors available, with more time on their hands.
Creating a good job description
These authors can be highly skilled but they are not mind readers! If you are to receive a high quality article especially crafted for your own purposes it is important that you provide the author with a fully detailed specification of your requirements. It can be well worth your while spending a few minutes writing this down before you attempt to place an order. You would usually be able to reject an article or ask for it to be altered, but it would be unfair to do so if the reason why you are dissatisfied was because you have failed to give proper instructions.
Unique articles
It is of course important that your article is completely unique and not simply copied verbatim off the Internet! There is a service called Copyscape which is a way of checking articles against plagiarism; a good article company should check every single item using this or a similar service, in order to ensure that you are getting the work that you have paid for. No doubt Mr Tony Blair was unaware of the existence of Copyscape at the time of the so-called 'Dodgy Dossier'.
Who actually owns the Copyright of an article is sometimes a bone of contention. A good article company will allow you to have copyright of the finished article once you have paid for it. Obviously you would not be able to make use of one that you had rejected since copyright would still vest with the author.
DIY articles
You could of course write the article yourself! If you browse through the rest of this website you will find a wealth of information about how you can create your documents in a professional, readable and timely manner. To find out how, please read on by clicking the links below.

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