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Sigmund Freud and his theory of personality

Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality is a crucial aspect of psychology and stems from his work with mental patients, on the basis of which he developed his ideas about the psychoanalytic theory on the basis of which he stated that the personality has three structures; the id, ego and super ego.

Freud stated that the id is the unconscious part of personality which has no actual contact with reality. The ego is the personality structure which emerges in childhood with all the varied experiences which make children aware of the demands and constraints they face in real life. The id and ego primarily use the ability to reason to make crucial decisions in life due to the impact of reality and experiences and as such lack morality or issues of right or wrong.

The issues of morality according to Freud are dealt with the superego which considers issues of right and wrong and which we popularly call the “conscience” which makes a person undergo feelings and emotions of guilt. So when the id tells a person that sex is a satisfying and pleasurable activity, the ego could probably tell the person to be cautious so as to avoid the having a child and the superego will be responsible for the feelings of guilt saying that it is wrong to have sex before marriage. When there is a conflict between the id, ego and superego cause a conflict and produce anxiety…

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