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Sexuality and education

Sexuality Education among children and teenagers The need for sexuality education among American children is the need of the hour, with 1.1 million teenagers become pregnant every year and the increase in AIDS cases among persons aged 13 to 24 by a whopping seventy-five percent in a single year, between 1989 and 1990. Approximately three million teens are infected with a sexually transmitted disease annually (Schroeder, 1992).

These problems have concerned parents and made it necessary for them to be more concerned about the sexual education of their children.

Most researchers indicate that sexual discussions should be part of a developmental process within the family (Chilman, 1990). Other studies have indicated that parents are less likely to discuss such issues as feelings, values, contraception, and the validity of homosexual relationships, and more often discuss less sensitive issues, such as biological processes (Chilman, 1990).

Parental communication about sexuality with their children seems to be productive as communication between the parents and children is believed to reduce the frequency of adolescent sexual activity and to increase the likelihood of using contraception (Fisher, 1993).

The current scenario of young teenage girls becoming mothers and the rapid increase in AIDS cases and sexually transmitted diseases is becoming a grave cause of concern to many parents and families (McGregor, 2002). This concern has resulted in the “need for sexuality education” among children and it is therefore vital for parents to take an active part in the sexual education of children, which must be initiated at an early age…

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