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Our Sample Work:

Management and Leadership

Decision making is an important aspect of effective management is associated with the power to influence others to work towards common organizational goals in order to achieve the desired objectives through their input (Islam and Ismail, 2008). Effective managers are believed to be those leaders who “create a proper climate in which employees can develop to their fullest potential” and ensure their optimal participation (Steers and Porter, 1983). Effective management implies the ability of managers to influence employees positively is through their participation and involvement in the decision making process. Effective management is carried out their several features including participative decision making, employee involvement, employee empowerment and employee ownership.
Participative Decision Making
Decision making is associated with effective employee participation and is considered to be a determining feature of effective management, having a crucial impact not only on performance but also on the productivity (Shaskin, 1984)...
Employee Involvement
Employee involvement refers to the active participation of employees in the decision making processes which ultimately leads to the success of the organization (Hoell, 2004). Employee involvement is thus said to be a “participative process” in which effective managers are able to draw employees to their work places through enhanced communicative techniques...
Leadership Styles
Burns (1978) identified that leadership is essentially of two types – Transactional leadership and Transformational leadership. Transactional leadership entails that the leader accede to the independence of their followers and their own independence while transformational leadership is one in which the leader makes effort to alter the goals and objectives of the followers in accordance with the collective goals of the organization (Burns, 1978).
Transactional Leadership
Transactional leadership focuses principally on the completion of tasks through rewards and punishments which impact the performance of employees, resulting in a “leader-follower relationship” based primarily on economic transactions which benefit the employee as well as the leader (Casimir, Waldman, Bartram and Yang, 2006). In transactional form of leadership, leaders play a passive rather than active role and intervene only when errors and mistakes occur. In transactional form of leadership, trust is a crucial factor and is based on two theories of motivation, namely the expectancy theory (Vroom, 1964) and equity theory (Adams, 1965). However, transactional leadership fails to motivate employees through identification or internalisation... 

Transformational Leadership
Transformational leadership is believed to be superior and more effective than transactional leadership due to its effectiveness and satisfaction which motivates employees to work towards a common purpose and goals (Casimir, Waldman, Bartram and Yang, 2006). This form of leadership enables managers is articulate a vision to the employees... 

Motivational Theories and Leadership Styles(free motivational theory essay samples, leadership and motivation)
Critically evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different motivational theories and leadership styles. You must make use of examples to support your arguments.
“Leaders aren't born, they are made” (Vince Lombardi, 2003) and successful leadership necessitates the knowledge of motivational theories to ensure that teams are able deliver results and achieve set goals. Leadership can thus be defined as the process with which managers motivate members of their team and positively influence them to obtain the aims and goals of the organization (Kramer, 2008). As such, the term motivation has received great importance primarily due to its powers to influence those psychological processes which are responsible in initiating goal oriented voluntary activities through encouragement, direction and perseverance (Mitchell, 1982).

Motivation actually comes from the Latin word “movere” which literally means “to move” and refers to a “force” which removes boredom from monotonous tasks (Islam and Ismail, 2008). In business and working environments, motivation is highly regarded due to the power which controls behaviour so that the concerned performing individuals continue to persist in the undertaken task (Bartol and Martin, 1998). Effective leaders are those who can motivate their teams and subordinates to accomplish common goals and objectives through enhanced performances. Researchers confirm that individuals need to be stimulated and motivated with a clear indication of focus in order that they channelize their energy in the right direction and achieve their goals. This paper aims to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the different motivational theories and their impact distinct leadership styles and ultimately on the achievement of success...