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Development of Personality and Human Behavior

Development of human behavior and personality is a combination of several environmental processes impacted by the family, society, tradition, culture and upbringing, along with the internal genetic influences. Individuals are shaped not only by the societies they live in but are also impacted by psychological character (Gazzaniga, 1985). The family plays a significant role in shaping the personality or identity of the individual.  Gazzangia (1985) confirms of an association between the organization of the brains and the structuring of attitudes by individuals.
Researchers have conducted several experiments to study the impact of genes on the behavior of humans. Researchers have compared “identical and fraternal twins” (Roediger, Rushton, Capaldi, &Paris, 1987, p. 505) to evaluate the impact of genes on any single characteristic or traits (Erdle, 1990). However, Erdle (1990) negates the potential of twin comparisons for the estimation of “gene influence on absolute levels of a particular characteristic for individuals or populations”.  Polmin (1989) has confirmed the genetic influence with the “report-card grades and years of schooling” (p. 106) which Erdle (1990) finds “misleading”. Erdle’s (1990) argument is that “heritability coefficients” may not have the potential to accurately mirror the differences between impact of genes and the behavior level of the individual.
The debate among scholars regarding the impact of genes upon the behavior on individuals crucial to understand the behaviors of humans, but most of them agree that the impact of external factors such as family, culture, society and the environment on the behavior of individuals is immense (Gazzaniga, 1985, 1988; Springer, 1989). It can be concluded that internal factors such as genes work in unison with the environmental to shape the personalities and behaviors of individuals.


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